Products and services

Suomen Ekolannoite Oy offers you following products and services:
  • Waste water sludge disinfection process for soil improvement material
  • Soil preparation
  • Soil improvement materials and soil selling for farmers and other end users
There are two soil improvement materials available that are sold locally in Finland:
  • Ekoravinne (Econutrient in english) –  High nutritional soil improvement that is sold in the region of Mikkeli.
  • Pellonparannus (Field enhancement in english) – Chemically oxidized waste water sludge from Vihti wastewater treatment plant.

On the local and international markets, we organize economically the soil improvement material logistics from the transportation to the sludge spreading on the farmers fields . We deliver the entire waste water sewage sludge processing systems or the parts of it depending on your needs. Our team consists of professionals with expertise in waste water processes, regulatory affairs management with the authorities, as well agriculture and farming itself.

Our primary customers are farmers, the municipal and industrial waste water processing plants and paper industry.