About us

Street and billing address

Suomen Ekolannoite Oy
c/o Aquazone
Sinikalliontie 11
02630 Espoo

Sales visiting address

Sinikalliontie 11
02630 Espoo

Company IDs

Business Identity Code : 2422021-9
VAT number: FI24220219

Sales and marketing staff

Jyri Koivisto 
Mobile phone: +358 40 725 9009

Jyri is our sales and marketing professional who has strong know-how about development of the circular economy solutions and their cost optimizations.

Reima Pyy
Mobile phone: +358 500 161 246

Reima is in charge of our operations and product development of sludge processing.

Ilari Lignell
Mobile phone: +358 50 4668494

Ilari is our technical manager and he is in charge of design of the plants.